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19 minutes

Certified Church Consultant

Helping Churches Revitalize and Grow


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Helping to Build Successful Churches for God’s Kingdom

We live in a time when most churches are either declining or plateauing. Perhaps your church is one of those. If you have questions you need answered or would like a new set of eyes on a problem, contact us. Our goal is to assist churches in becoming the best church they can be so that the Kingdom of God can grow.

Financial Advice

Budget Review and Recommendations

Demographics and psychograhics

Learn the characteristics of your community and their attitudes and aspirations

Secret Guest

Find out how an outsider views your church

Making an Impact in Your Community

Contact us to find out how we can help you make a lasting impact on your community

Signature Process

As a Certified Church Consultant, we follow a proven process to help you find the answers you need to revitalize and grow your church.

To find out more about using a Church Consultant, view the video made by one of my colleagues.

Featured Case Studies

Click below to read about churches that we have impacted.

A Leader In The Industry

One of fewer than 260 Certified Church Consultants around the world and the only one with an office in Upper New York State.


  • Available for onsite visits throughout the United States
  • Will provide a proposal that lays out what will be delivered and when
  • Some of the findings you might receive include: Demographics and psychographics for your community, major strengths and weaknesses of the church, giving analysis, facilities analysis, and more


All pricing will include expenses and travel, giving you a single, set price and no surprises.

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Contact us to discuss how we can help you be the church God has called you to be.

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